When White Doves do more than just surprise a Bride and Groom

5 jobs in 2 days, is a big challenge.

3 jobs in 1 afternoon is ambitious.

3 days’ notice for a 3rd booking, oh Lord help me!  Need more baskets, need more helpers. Need more time…

How did I do it? With help.

Picture this, I finally locate some baskets, pick them, and they’re probably over 20 years old… You can imagine what they looked like. Drop into Spotlight – buy paint, ribbon, flowers, organza. …. I’ve got this…

Late Friday afternoon, Dad’s bought in on the action to create something new from something old 20 years old, Love your work Dad, thanks … We strip the old décor, so I can clean and spray paint before leaving for my Friday evening ladies group.

Stripped bare heart shaped basket ready for renovation

Did I mention I need to train a new releaser to do the release the next day?  Can’t be in 3 places over 100ks apart at the same time.  I load the car with practice birds and prop gear, and take the whole lot to my ladies group where my new handler was nervously waiting, she’s a quick learner, she’s got this.

Saturday morning – the birds are exercised, fed and bathed. The newly painted basket is dressed quickly, before being loaded with birds and equipment for 2 jobs to be delivered to 2 of our dove releasers.

Newly renovated Small Heart Shaped Dove Release Basket

Jane is taking the newly renovated heart shaped dove release basket, with her teenage son and his photographer friend out to Coombabah Church at Mt Beppo, the surprise dove release for the Bride and Groom Gemma & Daniel. Meanwhile Jane’s son is developing a friendship with the birds, talking to them and reassuring them, wishing he could have the opportunity to hold them.

Jane and the boys remain out of sight and inconspicuous as the wedding ceremony proceeds. Upon announcement of Mr & Mrs, the Bride and Groom, and their guests, exit the chapel for photos. It’s not long until they realize the presence of the birds set up in their beautiful release cage. Gemma & Daniel were so awed and excited to hold the birds and release them. You can see it in their faces as young photographer Connagh has captured in his photoshoot.  

While the doves begin their flight home, Jane and boys head back with Zak still wondering if he’ll get the chance to hold them.  That’s another story, and so is the question they wanted answered:  When will the birds they released arrive home? 

Gemma & Daniel Mt Beppo wedding dove release: photo credit – Connagh McCoombes

Here is the testimonial, after sending Connagh’s image via email –

Thank you so much Fiona!!

That is a gorgeous photo! Please thank the photographer friend for us as well.

Yes, I did get to see the release and I am so happy I got it for them. They were completely surprised and are still talking about it.

Thank you once again for arranging it as I know it was late notice.

I will pass this photo on.

Kind Regards


Sept 2017


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