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Ornamental Cages and Stands

As part of our professional dove service, we offer a wide selection of ornamental display cages and stands as well as release boxes for the white doves.

Cage 1 holds up to 2 birds
Photograph by Stacey Schramm
White Dove Release Brisbane, Moreton Bay
Cage 2 holds up to 3 birds

Grey Cane Cage holds up to 9 birds

white dove release Brisbane, Moreton Bay

Small heart shaped basket with 2 doves
white doves, dove release Brisbane, Bribie island, Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast
Large heart shaped basket holding 4 doves
Manual Release basket 1 of. Holds up to 15 birds
Manual Release basket, 1 of.
Holds up to 15 birds
white doves
1 of
10 Dove release box
Open view, all sides

2 of Silver Wicker Basket holds up to 5 birds