Our Story

The story behind the business

Son’s Hobby Launches Fairy Tale Business

Looking for hobbies for my son we found racing pigeons.

We competed as a junior member in a local racing pigeon club for two seasons,

during a training session with the birds, I realised I had two whites training with them,

from this Epiphany on Anzac Day 2014 at Palmwoods I boldly went forth in establishing

a White Dove Release Business.

The Doves At Home

The Dove Naming-

When at events our doves have stage names – Pache (peace) and Amore (love)

these names resulted in our good friends from Noosa Moke Hire – Tony & Rita,

with Mary Bruce – wedding celebrant, initiating the dove naming.

When at Samoan celebrations their stage names are filemu (peace) and Alofa (love), this was with the help from our Samoan friend Harry who is fluent in Samoan.

At Home

Each dove has their own perch (personal space), and for the first time the mature hens, moved in with the males, as the new young birds joined the flock and commenced their training.

We Care For Our Doves

The doves are fed a mix of 5 high quality grains, with fresh water daily and given supplements during the moult and on other occasions.

Their rooms are cleaned daily, with access to sunbathing on the sundeck and occasional water baths.

The doves are checked for signs of health twice daily, and given prompt attention and treatment when unwell.

The owner is a member of the local racing pigeon club since being involved with the young son.  With lost birds being reported, cared for and returned promptly.

Our new young white doves out exercising in the morning sunshine.

Our new young white doves out exercising in the morning sunshine.


Here’s a few other pretties, the Frangipani Tree planted by the owners parents, has 4 different colours, each with a different fragrance.

Some of the frangrant flowers in the dove's garden.

Some of the frangrant flowers in the dove’s garden.

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